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Old Tree

5 Oldest Living Trees

So what are the oldest living trees you ask? Where are these ancient forest? These are 5 of the oldest trees still alive today and their story.

Trees are some of the most important organisms on our planet. They are also some of the oldest.

BC Pine

That little pine tree hanging from your car’s rear-view mirror might be way too old, but it has nothing on CB-90-11. This Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine in Colorado is not just old, it’s over 2,000 years old! Considering the average age of this type of pine tree is only around 1,500 years, CB-90-11 has outlived most of its little brothers and sisters. Some estimates determine it to be 2,458 years old, in fact.

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi
The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi fig tree has been dealing out figs for a couple thousand years! This 2,302-year-old tree is just one in a weird species known as “sacred figs.” The leaves on this tree have the odd habit of moving on their own — even when there is no wind! That might be creepy, but with an age of over 2,000 years, we can excuse this odd behavior!

The President

The President

The President is one tree that you will definitely want to vote for! This giant sequoia can be found in the Sierra Nevada of California. It’s age? 3,200 years old! Unlike many of its relatives, this giant sequoia is still alive. It sits strong and tall, and is ready to serve the American people with pride and distinction! Our sources tell us that it’s likely a registered member of the Green Party.



You may know Methuselah from the famous Bible story about the man who lived to be 969 years old. This Great Basin bristlecone pine may share his name, but it has him beat in the age department. Methuselah, which means “his death shall bring judgment” is said to be 4,878 years old! Found in Inyo County, California, this is one tree that just keeps telling death to keep on walking.

Old Hara

Old Hara

Old Hara is not only an awesome name for a tree, it’s also the oldest tree in the world. At 5,056 years old, this Great Basin bristlecone pine can be found in the White Mountains of California. Old Hara is so old, in fact, that it has been around since the Bronze Age. It predates even the great pyramids! How’s that for old news?

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