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5 Strange Animal Abilities

Strange Animal Abilities

Blood Squirting Lizards A lot of animals in the world like to squirt things when they’re feeling afraid. Everyone knows (and fears) getting sprayed by a skittish skunk. But just don’t run into the horned lizard. This North American native takes squirting to a whole new level. Not only does …

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5 Cutest Animal Babies

Cutest Animals

Aww! Animals are so cute! Dogs, cats, gorillas! Well, maybe not gorillas. But hey, even when they’re babies, most animals are absolutely adorable. It’s challenging to decide just which animals make the cutest babies, but we’re willing to brave the firestorm of disagreement. These 5 animals probably have the cutest …

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4 Craziest Frogs

4 crazy frogs

Thanks to Kermit the Frog, earth’s number one amphibian has never been more popular! These hoppin’ animals are quite the cultural phenomenon. Despite being more than a little slimy sometimes, frogs are definitely cute to look at. There’s a lot of frogs out there to admire, but these 5 are …

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Top 5 Ugliest Creatures


5 Ugliest Creatures   U-G-L-Y. That spells UGLY folks, and for some animals, well, it’s probably the best description we can muster. We humans love our cute, cuddly animals, but put an ugly one in front of us we may go running and screaming. But not all creatures are picture-worthy. …

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5 of the Largest Dog Breeds

5 massive thumb

These are 5 of the largest most massive dog breeds in the world. These dogs are more like ponies when full grown. Whether we get them large, small, short-haired or with giant mats of messy fur, humans sure love their dogs. So much, in fact, that many people (usually celebrities) …

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5 Most Powerful Animal Attacks

5 Most Powerful Animal Attacks

We humans are pink soft flesh over bone with no special powers but our whit. Some animals on the other hand have some crazy powerful attacks. If you ever looked at a body builder and feared for your life, you might want to avoid going out into the wilderness. Some humans …

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5 Bug Superpowers

Bug Super Powers 2

These are some crazy awesome radical to the max bug super powers. If humans had these powers we would have powers like those of Marvel superheros. Sadly we don’t so all we can do is watch videos and read articles about bugs with majorly impressive abilities while we sit in …

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5 Smallest Animals in the World

Smallest Animals in the World

These are the 5 smallest animals in the world. For most animal lovers, the cuteness factor of any animal increases the smaller that animal gets. Whether we’re snuggling with kittens or puppies, part of us just don’t want them to get any bigger. After all, they’ll lose some of their …

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5 Most Deadly Animals in the United States

Americas Most Dangerous Animals

Ever wonder which of the hundreds of thousands of animals in the U.S. are the most dangerous? You are in luck…this is the 5 Most Deadly Animals in the United States. The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Unfortunately, it’s also home …

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