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10 Best Gangster Movies Ever

Best Gangster Movies

These are the 10 best gangster movies ever produced! The movies Scarface, The Godfather and Goodfellas aren’t cult classics for nothing. Americans love gangster movies just as much as Hollywood likes to make them. Why do we obsess over them so much? Maybe it’s because, deep down, we all want …

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Top 5 Fat Comedians

5 Fat comedians

As much as we hate to admit it, fat can be funny sometimes. While we here at Dino Creek definitely don’t condone fat shaming, there are a number of comedians out there who have a lot of love for their own large waistlines. These 5 comedians are not only rotund, …

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5 Richest Kids In The World

Super Rich Kids

Remember when you were growing up? There were always those spoiled kids who always got exactly what they wanted. Everyone wanted to be their friend, but really, we were all just jealous! As spoiled as those kids were from your childhood, they had nothing on these five Richie Riches!   …

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5 Celebrities Famous By Accident

Accidentally Famous

Most of us have fantasized about what it would be like to be famous. Unfortunately, fame is not something everyone will enjoy — or suffer, depending on which celebrity you’re looking at. But not every celebrity planned to be a member of the elite Hollywood crowd. These 5 individuals accidentally …

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5 Rudest Celebrities

Rudest Celebrities

These are the rudest celebrities in Hollywood. They are all 100% douchebags! What is a douchebag? Since this is a family-friendly Youtube channel, we won’t go into the details. We will say this, however: your average douchebag is your run-of-the-mill jerk to just about everyone! Life is full of douchebags, …

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Top 5 Celebrity Geniuses

Smartest Celebrities

These are the 5 smartest celebrity geniuses. Hollywood stars usually get a bad reputation for being “unintelligent”. Most of us just assume that if you’re attractive and famous, it’s just your looks that pay the bills. This may be true for some actors, but many celebrities got where they are …

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Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Real Horror Stories

Just like most of you we enjoy turning off the lights and watching a good horror story. Scarier yet is the fact that many horror movies are based on true stories. These 5 movies are based of real events. Many movie fans love the feeling they get from watching a creepy …

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5 Ugly Stars Who Became Attractive


Have you been pining away for a Hollywood star lately? Feeling jealous that you don’t look at good? You might be happy to know that many of Hollywood’s most popular stars started out as, well, ugly ducklings. The list of ugly-turned-attractive stars might just surprise you! Taylor Swift Award winning …

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Top 9 Celebrity Net Worths

top 9 celeb net worths

Fame and fortune don’t always go hand-in-hand. Some celebrities just can’t seem to make ends meet, no matter how hard they try. But this list of celebrities has proven that celebrity status can indeed result in some fairly deep pockets. These are 9 of the richest celebrities in Hollywood sorted …

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5 Male Actors Much Shorter Than You Think

Kevin Hart

We’ve all heard the phrase the tv ads 10 lbs. Well apparently it ads 10 in too. There are dozens of celebrities male and female who are super short. In this article / video however we are focusing on short male actors. We’ve chosen some of the shortest little guys …

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