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5 Smartest Animals

Smartest Animals
5 Smartest Animals In World

These are the 5 smartest animals on the planet. Even an old dogs can learn new tricks, but they still won’t be the brightest animals around. Man’s best friend might be smart, but these 5 animals are the real top dogs when it comes to passing Mother Nature’s intelligence test!



How Smart Are Ravens?

Believe it or not, ravens are right up there with dolphins when it comes to animal intelligence. Ravens are capable of a bag full of tricks. This includes mimicking human speech better than most parrots, playing dead to ward off competitors for food and even playing games just for fun. The raven is featured heavily in many mythologies around the world, often negatively. This is certainly something that would make any raven cry, “nevermore!”


How Smart Are Dolphins
How Smart Are Dolphins?

Dolphins are not only one of the smartest animals in the world; they’re also the smartest animals in the ocean! Some scientists have claimed that dolphin aptitude is comparative to that of humans. Dolphins not only have their own, complex language, but they are fully capable of every range of emotions, something many scientists attribute primarily to humans. This may be why dolphins are known to interact with humans, and have even been seen protecting their human allies who have been washed out to sea. Remember that the next time you see a poor dolphin jumping through hoops at an aquarium. He could easily be doing something much better with his time!


How Smart Are Bonobos
How Smart Are Bonobos

Bonobo’s may not be winning any beauty contests, but even among their fellow apes, they’re ahead of the pack for intelligence! Bonobos are the closest ape relative to humans, which may explain why they’re so smart. Bonobos have been known to exhibit some very human-like behaviors as well, including lighting their own campfires and roasting marshmallows! You might want to invite a bonobo or two the next time you go camping!


How Smart Are Elephants
How Smart Are Elephants?

Big and slow, it’s easy to believe that elephants are not that bright. But scientists have long known that elephant intelligence is almost unmatched in the animal world. Elephants have been known to express very complex behaviors, such as the use of tools, and are known to have very long memories. Elephants have even been seen showing sympathy and charity toward other humans, other elephants and even other animals. And for the record: no, elephants are not really afraid of mice. They’re too smart for that!


How Smart Are Baboons?

Although they’re known more for their loud and crazy behavior, baboons are actually much smarter than most people realize! Scientific studies have shown that baboons are incredibly good with numbers and are even capable of solving fairly simple math problems. Some studies have even shown that baboons are have abstract thoughts and may even be able to learn real human words! Which is wonderful, of course, until you remember what happened in Planet of the Apes. Yikes!

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