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5 Cutest Animals Ever To Melt Your Heart

Most people are animal lovers, but some animals are just easier to love…

Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbit

When you first see this animal, you will think that you are looking at a fluffy white cloud. Look a little closer and you’ll notice the cute button nose, beady eyes behind a curtain of fur, and floppy ears. There are four different fluffy breeds of Angora Rabbit, so you can find one in a size that you can manage. As you cuddle this super cute and soft creature, you will find that your arms are buried in soft fluff and the last thing you will want to do is to let go.



Having a cute rubber ducky to play with when you are in the bath is one thing, but seeing a real yellow duckling is sure to make your heart melt. These gorgeous waddling creatures are covered in fluffy yellow fuzz, and have little dark eyes and pink beaks. They follow their mother duck while making little quacking noises, and look simply adorable swimming after her when in water. The cute factor goes up several notches when they are on land and appear to be finding their feet as they trip over themselves. So cute that when you see them, they will instantly put a smile on your face.

Red Pandas

Red Panda

Much smaller than the giant pandas, these cuddly little creatures have long bushy tails and the sweetest little faces. Their fur is red and white in color, so that they are able to easily camouflage themselves in the trees and stay safe from predators. If you want to find one of these cute cuddly creatures in the wild, you will need to visit the mountains of Burma in the north, or the south of Tibet and China. You won’t be able to resist taking tons of pictures to keep these cuties in your memory forever.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs



These are the cutest little rodents that your eyes could ever come across. Though they are covered in small spines all over their backs, they have the cutest little feet and white furry bellies. Their noses stick out and twitch on their faces, and their dark little eyes are like little buttons. Even when they roll up into little balls for protection, they still look totally adorable and cuddly. They make a perfect pet for people of all ages.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin

One of the mammals that you will find in the sea is the bottlenose dolphin, and these are incredibly cute mammals. They appear to always have a smile across their faces, and their snouts look smooth and velvety. When you look into the eyes of a dolphin you feel as though you have made a connection. Their cuteness goes just beyond their looks. They also sound incredibly cute, communicating with each other and with humans using a system of whistles and squeaks. You will love to spend your time with dolphins as they can do a range of tricks and are considerably friendly and fun to be around.

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