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5 Most Dangerous Airports

Dangerous Airports

Over a hundred years ago, mankind mastered the power of flight. Now, thousands of airplanes dot the skies at any given moment! But flying has always been wrought with danger, and as any good pilot will tell you, the most dangerous part of flying is not the take off: it’s …

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5 Top Good Girls Gone Bad

Good Girls Gone Bad

We’ve all heard the saying, “girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!” While this may be true when girls are young, when they become adults things can sometimes change. These 5 girls started out as good as it gets, but turned into some of the baddest girls …

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5 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Most Dangerous

If you’re about to click “submit” on those plane tickets for your next vacation, stop right now! While you might be ready for fun in the sun, your next vacation might just be your last. No place in the world is completely safe, but these 5 spots are the deadliest …

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5 Worst Medieval Torture Devices

Extreme Brutal

The middle ages were pretty twisted, and the medieval torture devices were just as sinister. Torture was regularly practiced and some of the torture methods were unbelievable. If you thought waterboarding was a horrible way to torture someone, be glad you did not live during the Middle Ages. Medieval rulers …

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5 Most Dangerous Animals (episode 1)


You might think that your cat is secretly plotting to kill you (it is), but there are some animals that are way more dangerous. Poisonous fish? Giant horns made of hair? Be glad your cat isn’t as deadly as some of nature’s most dangerous creations.   Box Jellyfish It is …

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4 Wildfires That Really Ticked Off Smokey The Bear

Worst Fire

Fire has provided warmth, cooked our food, and protected our families for thousands if not millions of years. Sometimes however things get a little out of hand.   The Valley Fire, Butte Fire and Rough Fire This was a terrible wildfire that saw three huge fires meeting up and burning …

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