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5 Oldest Living Trees

Old Tree

So what are the oldest living trees you ask? Where are these ancient forest? These are 5 of the oldest trees still alive today and their story. Trees are some of the most important organisms on our planet. They are also some of the oldest. CB-90-11 That little pine tree …

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2 Minute Staycation | Beach Trip Relaxation Video

2 Min Staycation

This is an attempt to create a virtual vacation, a staycation if you will. This video is meant to help you relax and take a 2 minute mental vacation. If you enjoy the video please be sure to share it with friends, and subscribe to our YouTube channel using the …

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8 Craziest Animal Hybrids

Animal Hybrids

Some mythologies have called them “chimera”: creepy animal crossbreeds that just should not exist in nature. But we’re not talking about mythical creatures straight out of a Harry Potter novel. No, these 8 animal hybrids are all too real, and just about as crazy as it gets! Iron Age Pig …

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