5 Animals That May One Day Inherit The Earth


Which species will inherit the Earth? We humans may think we’re big, bad and tough, but Mother Nature proves again and again that there we’re as fragile as it gets. One day, we humans might be extinct, just like so many other plants and animals before us. Some creatures, however, …

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5 Crazy Animals From Deep Sea

Frilled Shark

The deep sea. It’s always been a mystery to mankind, and the source of some of our biggest fears. Who knows what’s down there. Giant squid? Poisonous jellyfish? Prehistoric sharks? The deepest parts of the ocean stretch farther down than the tallest point on the whole planet. We may never …

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The 5 Largest Treasures Ever Found

Largest Treasure Ever

Ahh, lost treasure. Somehow the idea of finding a treasure map and going on a crazy adventure like Indiana Jones or Captain Jack Sparrow makes even old guys feel young again. But crazily enough, some treasure stories are real, and sometimes the treasures that people find are absolutely huge! The …

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5 Male Actors Much Shorter Than You Think

Kevin Hart

We’ve all heard the phrase the tv ads 10 lbs. Well apparently it ads 10 in too. There are dozens of celebrities male and female who are super short. In this article / video however we are focusing on short male actors. We’ve chosen some of the shortest little guys …

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5 Cutest Animals Ever To Melt Your Heart


Most people are animal lovers, but some animals are just easier to love… Angora Rabbit When you first see this animal, you will think that you are looking at a fluffy white cloud. Look a little closer and you’ll notice the cute button nose, beady eyes behind a curtain of …

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5 Animals Hunted To Extinction

Recently Extinct

Ask anyone, and you’ll find that they have some animal that they love. Who doesn’t love a funny, cute cat video? And who hasn’t rubbed the head of a slobbering dog? But some animals just aren’t that cute, and humans, well, we’re a bit unkind to animals that we don’t …

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5 Crazy Animals That Lived Before the Dinosaurs

Before Dinosaurs

It’s hard to imagine anything roaming the earth before the dinosaurs. As big and ferocious as we know they were, scientists have found bones of animals that were older — and weirder — than even the stubby-armed Tyrannosaurus Rex. Most were overgrown fish with a chip on their shoulders, but …

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5 Most Dangerous Animals (episode 1)


You might think that your cat is secretly plotting to kill you (it is), but there are some animals that are way more dangerous. Poisonous fish? Giant horns made of hair? Be glad your cat isn’t as deadly as some of nature’s most dangerous creations.   Box Jellyfish It is …

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5 Celebrities Who Went Broke | Riches to Rags

Pamela Anderson

Some celebrities are like shooting stars. All their fame and fortune disappears in a flash. These celebrities went from riches to rags in a flash.   Marion Jones Marion Jones was the darling of the track and field. She took the world by storm…until she admitted to doping her way …

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8 Epic Pranks That Almost Ended in Death


We love pranks as a society, but sometimes an innocent joke, can get blown out of proportion. This is 8 Epic Pranks That Almost Ended in Death. Panic Induced Heart Attack A typical holiday took an anxious turn for Glenn Howlett, who worked at London City Hall. Being an organized and …

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