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5 Ugly Stars Who Became Attractive


Have you been pining away for a Hollywood star lately? Feeling jealous that you don’t look at good? You might be happy to know that many of Hollywood’s most popular stars started out as, well, ugly ducklings. The list of ugly-turned-attractive stars might just surprise you! Taylor Swift Award winning …

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5 Worst Smells In The World

Worst Smells Ever

We’ve all smelled nasty gym socks that have hidden away in our stinky gym bag for months, that foul and putrid odor pales in comparison to these. These are 5 of the worst smells ever. Please share and like this article! Smell has been scientifically proven to be tied directly to …

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8 Epic Pranks That Almost Ended in Death


We love pranks as a society, but sometimes an innocent joke, can get blown out of proportion. This is 8 Epic Pranks That Almost Ended in Death. Panic Induced Heart Attack A typical holiday took an anxious turn for Glenn Howlett, who worked at London City Hall. Being an organized and …

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