What is the suicide forest?

What Is The Suicide Forest

So what is the suicide forest? The Suicide Forest (Aokigahara) also called the Sea of Trees by some, is a strange place in Japan located at the bottom of Mt Fuji where many Japanese go to die. Not just die to be precise but rather comit suicide (end ones life). The …

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5 Inventions Set To Change The World

5 Inventions Set To Change The World

These 5 inventions are set to change the world. For better or worse the game changing inventions are here and gaining speed. Science fiction fans, rejoice! With each passing year, it’s looking more and more like science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact. And while it’s hard to predict just …

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Archaic Humans | Pre-Human Ancestors

Almost Human

In this episode “Almost Human / Archaic Humans” we will take a look at creatures that were almost human, and one who makes up around 7% of all our DNA. Strange right? Please be sure to share, like, and subscribe!  Learn about Proto Humans and Early Hominids now! Despite what you …

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10 Most Valuable United States Coins

Most Valuable United States Coins

The next time you see a dirty coin on the road, you may just want to stop and pick it up. There are literally billions of coins out there, and most are worth whatever it says on the coin. But some coins were minted in limited numbers, were destroyed, or …

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How Self Driving Cars Will Change the World

Self Driving Car Technology

There are few things we humans love more than not having to do things ourselves. If we can automate it, by golly, we will! But what about when it comes to cars? While you can’t buy a self-driving car just yet, there are 33 car makers currently working on their …

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10 Best Blind Singers


Not every singer with vision actually has vision. Some of the best and most profound musicians were either born blind or became blind later in life. For those of you who would prefer to feel the music, you may love the sound these 10 bling singers. Stevie Wonder Stevie Hardaway …

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5 Strange Animal Abilities

Strange Animal Abilities

Blood Squirting Lizards A lot of animals in the world like to squirt things when they’re feeling afraid. Everyone knows (and fears) getting sprayed by a skittish skunk. But just don’t run into the horned lizard. This North American native takes squirting to a whole new level. Not only does …

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Where could humans live besides Earth?

Living On The Moon

We live on planet earth, and it’s the only home we know. If for whatever reason we had to live some place else, where might we go? In this episode we explore the alternatives to life on earth. In 2010, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking wrote, “Our only chance of long-term …

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What Does the Future Look Like?

What Will The Future Bring?

What Does the Future Look Like? So what will the future bring. This is a common question or at least thought. We did some research. Put our heads together, and this is what we came up with. Mankind has been dreaming about the future for a long time. Da Vinci. …

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5 Strangest Religions

5 Strange Religions

There are few things more controversial or divisive in this world than religion. But we can all agree than even some of the most mainstream and accepted religions have a few peculiar traditions. These 5 religions in particular are about as strange as it gets! Scientology At the risk of …

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