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10 Most Valuable United States Coins

Most Valuable United States Coins

The next time you see a dirty coin on the road, you may just want to stop and pick it up. There are literally billions of coins out there, and most are worth whatever it says on the coin. But some coins were minted in limited numbers, were destroyed, or …

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5 Child Actors Who Went Crazy

5 Child Actors Who Went Crazy

Fame and fortune can really get to someone’s head! It’s hard to stay humble and nice when you think you’re better than everyone else. But child stars have it the worst! And far too many child stars, well…they just go crazy. These 5 child stars definitely went off the deep …

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5 Richest Kids In The World

Super Rich Kids

Remember when you were growing up? There were always those spoiled kids who always got exactly what they wanted. Everyone wanted to be their friend, but really, we were all just jealous! As spoiled as those kids were from your childhood, they had nothing on these five Richie Riches!   …

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5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Most Expensive Hotels in the World

These are the 5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World. Who doesn’t love a good hotel room? They’re always a fun getaway from the boring old bedrooms that most of us have. But some rooms are more expensive than others, and these 5 may well require you to save money …

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Top 9 Celebrity Net Worths

top 9 celeb net worths

Fame and fortune don’t always go hand-in-hand. Some celebrities just can’t seem to make ends meet, no matter how hard they try. But this list of celebrities has proven that celebrity status can indeed result in some fairly deep pockets. These are 9 of the richest celebrities in Hollywood sorted …

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World’s Largest Robberies

Epic Heist

Every few decades there is a massive heist or robbery of a bank or other financial institution, when it happens it makes world news. We’ve selected the best of the best, and have made this the worlds largest robberies ever. The amount of wealth being stolen in these 5 stories …

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The 5 Largest Treasures Ever Found

Largest Treasure Ever

Ahh, lost treasure. Somehow the idea of finding a treasure map and going on a crazy adventure like Indiana Jones or Captain Jack Sparrow makes even old guys feel young again. But crazily enough, some treasure stories are real, and sometimes the treasures that people find are absolutely huge! The …

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5 Celebrities Who Went Broke | Riches to Rags

Pamela Anderson

Some celebrities are like shooting stars. All their fame and fortune disappears in a flash. These celebrities went from riches to rags in a flash.   Marion Jones Marion Jones was the darling of the track and field. She took the world by storm…until she admitted to doping her way …

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