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What is the suicide forest?

What Is The Suicide Forest
What Is The Suicide Forest?

So what is the suicide forest? The Suicide Forest (Aokigahara) also called the Sea of Trees by some, is a strange place in Japan located at the bottom of Mt Fuji where many Japanese go to die. Not just die to be precise but rather comit suicide (end ones life).

The forest floor is mostly volcanic rock (Wiki), and the forest itself is very dense. As many avid hikers may realize a dense forest can easily trap and trick a hiker into getting lost. This also makes for a great place to die and remain hidden.

The Suicide Forest has long been asociated with Yurei (ghost) of dead ancestors. This may be another reason as to why people choose this location to forcefully end their lives.
So how many people have commited suicide in the forest? The number is sadly somewhere in the thousands reported at 100 a year, for many decades. (Source)
So if you are in Japan any time soon you may just want to stay away from the forest near Mt Fuji, lest you be tempted by the Yurei to join there ranks.

The suicide forest of japan is possibly the most popular place to commit suicide according to statistics.
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