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Archaic Humans | Pre-Human Ancestors

Almost Human

In this episode “Almost Human / Archaic Humans” we will take a look at creatures that were almost human, and one who makes up around 7% of all our DNA. Strange right? Please be sure to share, like, and subscribe!  Learn about Proto Humans and Early Hominids now! Despite what you …

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10 Most Valuable United States Coins

Most Valuable United States Coins

The next time you see a dirty coin on the road, you may just want to stop and pick it up. There are literally billions of coins out there, and most are worth whatever it says on the coin. But some coins were minted in limited numbers, were destroyed, or …

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5 Greatest Warrior Leaders Ever

Epic Warriors

5 Greatest Warrior Leaders Ever   “Cry, ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” William Shakespeare may have coined some of the best terms for war in the history of mankind, but history was full of great warriors, both before and after Shakespeare wrote quotable war cries. These 5 …

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5 Most Amazing Survival Stories

Amazing Survival Stories

Who doesn’t like a good survival story? Everyone has one. Unfortunately, most of our stories are pretty boring: Flat tires on a country road; lost wallets in a foreign city; sprained ankles on a hiking trip. If you think your survival story is awesome, think again. These 5 survival stories …

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5 Most Amazing Government Projects

Largest Government Projects

These are some of the craziest, largest, most amazing, and most impressive government projects that mankind has ever been a part of. When you look at these engineering feats it clearly proves that man is the most impressive creature ever to live on planet Earth. The things we can create when …

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World’s Largest Robberies

Epic Heist

Every few decades there is a massive heist or robbery of a bank or other financial institution, when it happens it makes world news. We’ve selected the best of the best, and have made this the worlds largest robberies ever. The amount of wealth being stolen in these 5 stories …

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