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10 Best Blind Singers


Not every singer with vision actually has vision. Some of the best and most profound musicians were either born blind or became blind later in life. For those of you who would prefer to feel the music, you may love the sound these 10 bling singers. Stevie Wonder Stevie Hardaway …

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

These are amazing examples of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. A tummy tuck here, some liposuction there, all that is normal compared to the lengths these celebs pushed their bodies. These 5 celebrities suffer from what doctors call “body dysmorphic disorder” a mental disorder that finds flaws where there are …

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5 Ugly Stars Who Became Attractive


Have you been pining away for a Hollywood star lately? Feeling jealous that you don’t look at good? You might be happy to know that many of Hollywood’s most popular stars started out as, well, ugly ducklings. The list of ugly-turned-attractive stars might just surprise you! Taylor Swift Award winning …

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