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5 Ugly Stars Who Became Attractive

Have you been pining away for a Hollywood star lately? Feeling jealous that you don’t look at good? You might be happy to know that many of Hollywood’s most popular stars started out as, well, ugly ducklings. The list of ugly-turned-attractive stars might just surprise you!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Award winning and much loved Taylor Swift was not always the gorgeous woman that she is today. In her younger years, she sported a long wavy mane, and had skin that seemed more red than the pale look that she loves to sport today. Still, her now impressive beauty certainly didn’t stop Kanye West from stealing her limelight.


Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Amber Rose may be to die for now, but she started out as dorky as it gets. With a round, chubby face and large glasses, most people who knew her when she was a child would likely never have guessed she would turn out so amazing. She’s known for dating famous men, which should come as no surprise, considering how drop-dead-gorgeous she is now!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox as Kid

Megan Fox is an actress known for holding a smoldering gaze, while showing off a luscious pout, but she was not always the sexy siren that she is today. In her teenage years, she had not yet learned how to make the most of the features, so she was not quite the bombshell that is she is today. Sure, she may have needed plastic surgery to get there, but with looks like that, who cares?


Lil John

Lil Jon as Youth

This Internationally acclaimed rapper looks good with his long dreadlocks and tended beard, but when he was a teenager, things were not so great. Without the dreadlocks, there was more focus on his face and his lips looked much larger than they actually do now. He wore the dorkiest round glasses imaginable, and his eyes also appeared to be a bit too large for his face. This is one star who’s before picture can make you dizzy for all the wrong reasons, but the ladies sure do love his looks now!


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest as Kid

Ryan Seacrest had it rough as a little child. He was chubby, his hair stood tall on his head, and he had large glasses that could only draw more attention to his face. It was definitely not a good look for him. Fast forward to today, and you find a guy that ladies want and guys want to be like!

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