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9 Mind Boggling Questions

We here at Dino Creek love to think. We put on our thinking caps every day to solve some of the toughest questions known to man, such as “Is Tupac still alive?” and “Who let the dogs out?” As hard as those questions are to answer, there are some questions out there that make even our massive brains spin in circles. Here are 10 of the most mind boggling questions around.

Do woodpeckers get headaches?

Woodpeckers spend long hours slamming their beaks into trees in a mad attempt to find delicious bugs to eat. A human doing the same thing would develop severe headaches and probably terrible neck injuries pretty fast. Sadly, we can’t ask any woodpeckers how they’re feeling.

Why do drive-through ATMs have braille?

If you never noticed this one, we’re sorry for bringing it to your attention! However, it’s true. Some drive-through ATMs have braille. But wait. Isn’t braille for people who are blind? Are there some blind people driving up to ATMs? And if so, how do they know if they’re getting the right amount of money? For that matter, why don’t bills have braille on them? So many questions!

Why hasn’t a psychic won the lottery?

This question is mostly for those of you who believe in psychics. But it’s a good one. If psychics can predict the future, why aren’t all of them rich? Why don’t they make all of their clients rich? Why aren’t we ALL rich? Come on psychics, either you can predict the future or you can’t! Or maybe they are winning the lottery and just not telling us…

Could God make a rock so heavy even He couldn’t pick it up?

If God is all powerful, He could certainly make a rock so heavy even He couldn’t pick it up. But then again, if he is all powerful, he would have to be able to pick it up. But then that means the rock isn’t so heavy He can’t pick it up, meaning He didn’t make a super heavy rock. Our brain hurts with this one!

In the word “scent” is the “s” or the “c” silent?

Grammar already gives us a headache. But silent letters make us want to tear our hair out! The word “scent” just won’t leave our brains alone. Which letter is silent! Is it the “s” or the “c”? If you take either away, the word can still be pronounced the same way. We hate you, English! Stop hurting our head!

After we’re conceived, are we living or dying?

Everyone is constantly getting older, and everyone eventually dies. Does that mean that, once we are born, we’re all dying? And if so, should we all be writing our wills right now? But…we’re so young! We’re not ready! Say it ain’t so!

When you’re thinking, you can hear your own voice. What do people who are born deaf hear in their heads?

Do people who are born deaf know what their own voice sounds like? Or what words actually sound like? When they’re thinking to themselves, what are they actually hearing in their heads? Quick, someone find a deaf person for us. We just have to know!

If a pair of twins marry another pair of twins, will all of their children look the same?

There are already a lot of theories and research about twins. Someone needs to research this one! Will twins who marry twins have kids who look alike? And if so, will they even be able to tell each other’s kids apart? Someone needs to make a twins-only dating website, just so we can find out!

Do fish get thirsty?

This question seems a little fishy. We’re not talking about a fish out of water. We mean fish that are under water. Do they get thirsty? And if they’re always drinking water, shouldn’t they always be urinating? And wait, doesn’t that mean they’re always drinking each other’s urine? Yuck!

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