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5 Strange Animal Abilities

Strange Animal Abilities

Blood Squirting Lizards A lot of animals in the world like to squirt things when they’re feeling afraid. Everyone knows (and fears) getting sprayed by a skittish skunk. But just don’t run into the horned lizard. This North American native takes squirting to a whole new level. Not only does …

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5 Worst Diseases Imaginable

Worst Diseases

Hypochondriacs beware! Diseases are quite literally everywhere! Even stepping one foot outside of your door can expose you to deadly bacteria and viruses that are just waiting to ruin your day — or your life. Thankfully, modern medicine is getting better at keeping the worst ones away. These 5 diseases …

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10 Strangest Places People Get Married | Strange Wedding Venues

Strange Wedding Venues

Being in love…is a wonderful thing. Getting married in most of these strange wedding venues…not such a good thing. While some are romantic..most are crazy and some are just plain disgusting. Destination weddings are all the rage these days, but most people choose more common locations. Beaches in the Caribbean or …

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5 Most Evil Serial Killers Still On The Loose

serial killers on loose

Watching the evening news these days is enough to scare just about anyone. But the almost daily shootings on the news pale in comparison to the even scarier serial killers. Although they’re a rare breed, they certainly inspire a lot of movies and a lot more nightmares. You may want …

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5 Worst Smells In The World

Worst Smells Ever

We’ve all smelled nasty gym socks that have hidden away in our stinky gym bag for months, that foul and putrid odor pales in comparison to these. These are 5 of the worst smells ever. Please share and like this article! Smell has been scientifically proven to be tied directly to …

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5 of the Nastiest Foods in the World

Super Gross

When it comes to food nasty is a relative term. Whats gross here in the United States might be standard fair for other countries. Today we are looking in detail at some of the nastiest foods in the world. Grab a bucket this is going to get disgusting really quick. …

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5 Worst Medieval Torture Devices

Extreme Brutal

The middle ages were pretty twisted, and the medieval torture devices were just as sinister. Torture was regularly practiced and some of the torture methods were unbelievable. If you thought waterboarding was a horrible way to torture someone, be glad you did not live during the Middle Ages. Medieval rulers …

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