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Archaic Humans | Pre-Human Ancestors

Almost Human

In this episode “Almost Human / Archaic Humans” we will take a look at creatures that were almost human, and one who makes up around 7% of all our DNA. Strange right? Please be sure to share, like, and subscribe!  Learn about Proto Humans and Early Hominids now! Despite what you …

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5 Oldest Living Trees

Old Tree

So what are the oldest living trees you ask? Where are these ancient forest? These are 5 of the oldest trees still alive today and their story. Trees are some of the most important organisms on our planet. They are also some of the oldest. CB-90-11 That little pine tree …

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5 Animals Hunted To Extinction

Recently Extinct

Ask anyone, and you’ll find that they have some animal that they love. Who doesn’t love a funny, cute cat video? And who hasn’t rubbed the head of a slobbering dog? But some animals just aren’t that cute, and humans, well, we’re a bit unkind to animals that we don’t …

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5 Crazy Animals That Lived Before the Dinosaurs

Before Dinosaurs

It’s hard to imagine anything roaming the earth before the dinosaurs. As big and ferocious as we know they were, scientists have found bones of animals that were older — and weirder — than even the stubby-armed Tyrannosaurus Rex. Most were overgrown fish with a chip on their shoulders, but …

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