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5 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Most Dangerous

If you’re about to click “submit” on those plane tickets for your next vacation, stop right now! While you might be ready for fun in the sun, your next vacation might just be your last. No place in the world is completely safe, but these 5 spots are the deadliest …

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World’s Largest Robberies

Epic Heist

Every few decades there is a massive heist or robbery of a bank or other financial institution, when it happens it makes world news. We’ve selected the best of the best, and have made this the worlds largest robberies ever. The amount of wealth being stolen in these 5 stories …

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5 Animals That May One Day Inherit The Earth


Which species will inherit the Earth? We humans may think we’re big, bad and tough, but Mother Nature proves again and again that there we’re as fragile as it gets. One day, we humans might be extinct, just like so many other plants and animals before us. Some creatures, however, …

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5 Crazy Animals From Deep Sea

Frilled Shark

The deep sea. It’s always been a mystery to mankind, and the source of some of our biggest fears. Who knows what’s down there. Giant squid? Poisonous jellyfish? Prehistoric sharks? The deepest parts of the ocean stretch farther down than the tallest point on the whole planet. We may never …

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4 Wildfires That Really Ticked Off Smokey The Bear

Worst Fire

Fire has provided warmth, cooked our food, and protected our families for thousands if not millions of years. Sometimes however things get a little out of hand.   The Valley Fire, Butte Fire and Rough Fire This was a terrible wildfire that saw three huge fires meeting up and burning …

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