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5 Most Dangerous Airports

Dangerous Airports

Over a hundred years ago, mankind mastered the power of flight. Now, thousands of airplanes dot the skies at any given moment! But flying has always been wrought with danger, and as any good pilot will tell you, the most dangerous part of flying is not the take off: it’s …

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5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Most Expensive Hotels in the World

These are the 5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World. Who doesn’t love a good hotel room? They’re always a fun getaway from the boring old bedrooms that most of us have. But some rooms are more expensive than others, and these 5 may well require you to save money …

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Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Real Horror Stories

Just like most of you we enjoy turning off the lights and watching a good horror story. Scarier yet is the fact that many horror movies are based on true stories. These 5 movies are based of real events. Many movie fans love the feeling they get from watching a creepy …

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5 Oldest Living Trees

Old Tree

So what are the oldest living trees you ask? Where are these ancient forest? These are 5 of the oldest trees still alive today and their story. Trees are some of the most important organisms on our planet. They are also some of the oldest. CB-90-11 That little pine tree …

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2 Minute Staycation | Beach Trip Relaxation Video

2 Min Staycation

This is an attempt to create a virtual vacation, a staycation if you will. This video is meant to help you relax and take a 2 minute mental vacation. If you enjoy the video please be sure to share it with friends, and subscribe to our YouTube channel using the …

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8 Craziest Animal Hybrids

Animal Hybrids

Some mythologies have called them “chimera”: creepy animal crossbreeds that just should not exist in nature. But we’re not talking about mythical creatures straight out of a Harry Potter novel. No, these 8 animal hybrids are all too real, and just about as crazy as it gets! Iron Age Pig …

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5 Worst Smells In The World

Worst Smells Ever

We’ve all smelled nasty gym socks that have hidden away in our stinky gym bag for months, that foul and putrid odor pales in comparison to these. These are 5 of the worst smells ever. Please share and like this article! Smell has been scientifically proven to be tied directly to …

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5 of the Nastiest Foods in the World

Super Gross

When it comes to food nasty is a relative term. Whats gross here in the United States might be standard fair for other countries. Today we are looking in detail at some of the nastiest foods in the world. Grab a bucket this is going to get disgusting really quick. …

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5 Oldest People Ever To Live

Emma Morano

If you thought your 90-year-old grandmother was old, think again. Thanks to improving health science, people are living longer and longer every year. So long, in fact, that some scientists think there may be people alive today who may one day live forever. The people we’re looking at, however, zoomed …

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