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Top 5 Most Underrated Places For a Family Vacation

5 top family vacation spots

We looked around and came up with a great list detailing 5 of the most underrated, least crowded, and wonderful places to take your family on vacation. Here it is folks! It’s vacation season! All across America families are hitting airports or roadways and seeing the sights! Unfortunately, most of …

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4 Craziest Frogs

4 crazy frogs

Thanks to Kermit the Frog, earth’s number one amphibian has never been more popular! These hoppin’ animals are quite the cultural phenomenon. Despite being more than a little slimy sometimes, frogs are definitely cute to look at. There’s a lot of frogs out there to admire, but these 5 are …

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5 Greatest Warrior Leaders Ever

Epic Warriors

5 Greatest Warrior Leaders Ever   “Cry, ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” William Shakespeare may have coined some of the best terms for war in the history of mankind, but history was full of great warriors, both before and after Shakespeare wrote quotable war cries. These 5 …

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5 Most Powerful Animal Attacks

5 Most Powerful Animal Attacks

We humans are pink soft flesh over bone with no special powers but our whit. Some animals on the other hand have some crazy powerful attacks. If you ever looked at a body builder and feared for your life, you might want to avoid going out into the wilderness. Some humans …

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5 Most Amazing Survival Stories

Amazing Survival Stories

Who doesn’t like a good survival story? Everyone has one. Unfortunately, most of our stories are pretty boring: Flat tires on a country road; lost wallets in a foreign city; sprained ankles on a hiking trip. If you think your survival story is awesome, think again. These 5 survival stories …

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5 Celebrities Famous By Accident

Accidentally Famous

Most of us have fantasized about what it would be like to be famous. Unfortunately, fame is not something everyone will enjoy — or suffer, depending on which celebrity you’re looking at. But not every celebrity planned to be a member of the elite Hollywood crowd. These 5 individuals accidentally …

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5 Most Amazing Government Projects

Largest Government Projects

These are some of the craziest, largest, most amazing, and most impressive government projects that mankind has ever been a part of. When you look at these engineering feats it clearly proves that man is the most impressive creature ever to live on planet Earth. The things we can create when …

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5 Strongest Animals In The World

strong animals

These are the strongest animals in the world. If you think that lifting weights for the past week has made you stronger than a gorilla, you’re wrong! Not only are you much weaker than a gorilla, nature’s great apes aren’t even the strongest animals on the planet. The strongest creatures on …

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5 Strangest Places You Can Sleep

Strange Hotel Rooms

Skylodge: Calca, Peru If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll probably want to keep steer clear of the Skylodge! This mostly-transparent room gives visitors a nice, mountain view in Peru. The only problem? It’s on the side of the mountain, suspended in the air by (hopefully) strong metal cables. This small …

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