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What is the suicide forest?

What Is The Suicide Forest

So what is the suicide forest? The Suicide Forest (Aokigahara) also called the Sea of Trees by some, is a strange place in Japan located at the bottom of Mt Fuji where many Japanese go to die. Not just die to be precise but rather comit suicide (end ones life). The …

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5 Worst Diseases Imaginable

Worst Diseases

Hypochondriacs beware! Diseases are quite literally everywhere! Even stepping one foot outside of your door can expose you to deadly bacteria and viruses that are just waiting to ruin your day — or your life. Thankfully, modern medicine is getting better at keeping the worst ones away. These 5 diseases …

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5 Most Dangerous Animals (episode 1)


You might think that your cat is secretly plotting to kill you (it is), but there are some animals that are way more dangerous. Poisonous fish? Giant horns made of hair? Be glad your cat isn’t as deadly as some of nature’s most dangerous creations.   Box Jellyfish It is …

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