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Dumb Things Animals Do (Worlds Dumbest Animals)

These animals are possibly the dumbest animals on the planet in one way or another. The internet is full of videos of cute animals doing dumb things. All you need is a camera and a little bit of patience and it won’t be long before your favorite pet embarrasses itself and makes you wonder if you adopted a dud. However, even your dumb goldfish might be smarter than other animals in nature. These 5 creatures may just be the dumbest animals ever!



Koala’s Not The Smartest

It really is a shame that the adorable Koala is also as dumb as a rock. This Australian native has one of the smallest brains in the animal kingdom relative to its size. Their tiny brains mean koalas have a hard time thinking complex thoughts. Even though koalas live entirely off of leaves, if those leaves fall to the ground, the koala won’t recognize them as food. They could be sitting in a pile of leaves and quite literally starve to death. And you thought your kids were picky eaters!



Kakapo Freeze!

Native to New Zealand, the Kakapo is also one of the dumbest animals in the entire world. These large birds can’t fly, which isn’t exactly the whole reason why they are dumb. It’s what they do when they’re scared that puts them on our list. Much like a deer in the headlights, Kakapo freeze in the face of danger. It’s perhaps the dumbest defense mechanism in the entire world, as it leaves them open to attack. We can’t blame the Kakapo too much. The bird has no natural predators on its tiny island, so really, it never needed a reason to be smart. It might be time for the Kakapo to take a few flight lessons.



Panda No Not Pandas!
Panda No Not Pandas!

Pandas may be oh-so-adorable, but sorry, folks. They’re dumb. Scientists believe that Panda brains a bit on the slow side because of all of that bamboo they’re eating. Bamboo has little to no nutritional value, so it adds nothing to their already small brains. And if you’re wondering intelligence might be needed for a panda, it all comes down to extinction. Pandas have become so rare and so difficult to breed because, well, they don’t quite seem to know how to do it. Successfully getting two pandas in captivity to mate is fairly difficult, and in the wild? Well, let’s just that there’s less than 2,000 of these furry guys left out there.



Squirrels Are Nuts
Squirrels Are Nuts

Squirrels are both loved and adored. They’re cute, furry pals, but they’re also destructive and sometimes downright sneaky. But as smart as they are most of the time, far too often they’re just plain dumb. Every year, squirrels will dig hundreds of holes, burying nuts all over the place as a means of storing food. Unfortunately, squirrels often forget where they buried their goodies. If you ever see a squirrel digging in the dirt, he probably has no idea what’s down there. He’s just hoping to get lucky. Oh well. We can thank the many forgetful squirrels for so many of our lovely trees!



Humans Is Be Dumb
Humans Is Be Dumb To

Don’t get us wrong, we love our fellow man. But boy, are we dumb sometimes. Put a little alcohol in us, and we turn into one of the stupidest creatures around. But it’s not just alcohol that will win humans the Darwin award. Our daredevil streak is probably the dumbest thing found in nature. We could go on about the many ways humans get themselves killed doing dumb things, but let’s go with this one: In 1997, one Virginia man tried to go bungee jumping off 70-foot high bridge with about 60 feet of bungee cords. Unfortunately, he forgot that bungee cords stretch. How are we humans even still alive?

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