5 Bug Superpowers

Bug Super Powers 2

These are some crazy awesome radical to the max bug super powers. If humans had these powers we would have powers like those of Marvel superheros. Sadly we don’t so all we can do is watch videos and read articles about bugs with majorly impressive abilities while we sit in …

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5 Most Amazing Government Projects

Largest Government Projects

These are some of the craziest, largest, most amazing, and most impressive government projects that mankind has ever been a part of. When you look at these engineering feats it clearly proves that man is the most impressive creature ever to live on planet Earth. The things we can create when …

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5 Smallest Animals in the World

Smallest Animals in the World

These are the 5 smallest animals in the world. For most animal lovers, the cuteness factor of any animal increases the smaller that animal gets. Whether we’re snuggling with kittens or puppies, part of us just don’t want them to get any bigger. After all, they’ll lose some of their …

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5 Rudest Celebrities

Rudest Celebrities

These are the rudest celebrities in Hollywood. They are all 100% douchebags! What is a douchebag? Since this is a family-friendly Youtube channel, we won’t go into the details. We will say this, however: your average douchebag is your run-of-the-mill jerk to just about everyone! Life is full of douchebags, …

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

These are amazing examples of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. A tummy tuck here, some liposuction there, all that is normal compared to the lengths these celebs pushed their bodies. These 5 celebrities suffer from what doctors call “body dysmorphic disorder” a mental disorder that finds flaws where there are …

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Top 5 Celebrity Geniuses

Smartest Celebrities

These are the 5 smartest celebrity geniuses. Hollywood stars usually get a bad reputation for being “unintelligent”. Most of us just assume that if you’re attractive and famous, it’s just your looks that pay the bills. This may be true for some actors, but many celebrities got where they are …

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5 Most Deadly Animals in the United States

Americas Most Dangerous Animals

Ever wonder which of the hundreds of thousands of animals in the U.S. are the most dangerous? You are in luck…this is the 5 Most Deadly Animals in the United States. The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Unfortunately, it’s also home …

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5 Strongest Animals In The World

strong animals

These are the strongest animals in the world. If you think that lifting weights for the past week has made you stronger than a gorilla, you’re wrong! Not only are you much weaker than a gorilla, nature’s great apes aren’t even the strongest animals on the planet. The strongest creatures on …

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5 Deadliest Spiders

deadliest spiders

Even the bravest person is afraid of poison spiders, and with good cause they are deadly. These are the 5 deadliest spiders in the world. Those with arachnophobia, beware! Spiders are everywhere, and they’re not going away any time soon. Thankfully, most of the 8-legged creepy crawlies are essentially harmless. …

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