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5 Strangest Religions

There are few things more controversial or divisive in this world than religion. But we can all agree than even some of the most mainstream and accepted religions have a few peculiar traditions. These 5 religions in particular are about as strange as it gets!


At the risk of bringing down the ire of Scientology down on our heads, we must say that Scientology does leave most people scratching their heads. Despite its popularity among Hollywood elites, the religion’s actual practices are mostly clouded in mystery. The brainchild of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is noted for its emphasis on the story of Xenu, an ancient alien ruler. According to Hubbard, Xenu brought mankind to earth 75 million years ago. Whoever these aliens were, they certainly didn’t wait around. Perhaps they foresaw Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and decided they’d made a big mistake.

Nation of Islam

Ostensibly a branch of Islam, the Nation of Islam is an American-born Islamic movement that holds on to some rather unorthodox views. The religion teaches that UFOs are not alien in nature, but are actually man-made spacecraft which have been around for thousands of years. According Louis Farrakhan, the movement’s current leader, the “Mother Wheel” as they call it “is like a small human built planet.” According to the religion’s founder, these spaceships also created the island of Japan in 1929. So much for all of that extensive Japanese history.

Church of Euthanasia

What is euthanasia, you ask? It’s a relatively tame word for suicide. The Church of Euthanasia is exactly what you think. Their core belief rests in the idea that humans and nature are at an imbalance, and the only way to restore this balance is through purposeful, painless suicide. The church’s “One Commandment” dictates “thou shalt not procreate,” while their motto is “Save the planet: Kill yourself.” Although suicide is not the primary goal of the church, it is among the church’s “Four Pillars”, which also include abortion, cannibalism. Oddly, the church’s founder has not yet offed herself. Strange.


An offshoot of an offshoot, Nuwaubianism was formed in the 1967 by Dwight York. Believing that the Nation of Islam’s teachings did not go far enough, York developed his own religion. Nuwaubianism holds many strange, often racist beliefs. The religion believes in the superiority of the black race, but also holds to a belief that black people are only black by “accident”. The religion teaches that darker-skinned people were originally green. York also believes that he is an alien from a planet called Rizq. The religion actually started to catch on in Putnam County, Georgia. That is, of course, until York was arrested for a variety of illicit crimes and his compound was destroyed by the U.S. government.

Universe People

Also known as the “Cosmic People of Light”, Universe People is a Czech-born religion. Founder Ivo A. Benda began teaching about the aliens in orbit in the 1990s. These benevolent overlords help those who are good, and even transport some people to another dimension. The Universe People also believe these aliens protect earth from other, more evil aliens whose desire is to take over the planet. If you guessed “lizard people” as the evil aliens, you would be correct! As exciting as this religion is, it does not spread very quickly. Benda does not believe in modern technology, so getting the word out is a bit slow. The truth is out there!

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