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Top 5 Celebrity Geniuses

Smartest Celebrities

These are the 5 smartest celebrity geniuses. Hollywood stars usually get a bad reputation for being “unintelligent”. Most of us just assume that if you’re attractive and famous, it’s just your looks that pay the bills. This may be true for some actors, but many celebrities got where they are …

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5 Most Arrested Celebrities

Arrested Celebrities

Most celebrities tend to stay out of trouble..How boring. Thankfully we aren’t here to talk about the “Goody Two-Shoes” of hollywood. These 5 celebrities have some of the longest rap sheets you’ve ever seen! T.I. (Clifford Harris) A lot of rappers carry their fair share of criminal records. For Clifford …

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5 Ugly Stars Who Became Attractive


Have you been pining away for a Hollywood star lately? Feeling jealous that you don’t look at good? You might be happy to know that many of Hollywood’s most popular stars started out as, well, ugly ducklings. The list of ugly-turned-attractive stars might just surprise you! Taylor Swift Award winning …

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5 Top Good Girls Gone Bad

Good Girls Gone Bad

We’ve all heard the saying, “girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!” While this may be true when girls are young, when they become adults things can sometimes change. These 5 girls started out as good as it gets, but turned into some of the baddest girls …

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Top 9 Celebrity Net Worths

top 9 celeb net worths

Fame and fortune don’t always go hand-in-hand. Some celebrities just can’t seem to make ends meet, no matter how hard they try. But this list of celebrities has proven that celebrity status can indeed result in some fairly deep pockets. These are 9 of the richest celebrities in Hollywood sorted …

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5 Male Actors Much Shorter Than You Think

Kevin Hart

We’ve all heard the phrase the tv ads 10 lbs. Well apparently it ads 10 in too. There are dozens of celebrities male and female who are super short. In this article / video however we are focusing on short male actors. We’ve chosen some of the shortest little guys …

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5 Celebrities Who Went Broke | Riches to Rags

Pamela Anderson

Some celebrities are like shooting stars. All their fame and fortune disappears in a flash. These celebrities went from riches to rags in a flash.   Marion Jones Marion Jones was the darling of the track and field. She took the world by storm…until she admitted to doping her way …

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